Breast milk contains nutrients your baby needs for growth and development and protects your baby against infections and diseases. Breastfeeding is free and convenient and can promote bonding between you and your baby. Exclusive breastfeeding offers a healthy start of life, & sustains life thereafter. Prevailing myths, wrong information, lack of support & poor self-confidence of the mother are the only reasons for the failure of breastfeeding.

Good counseling of mother to emphasize that breast milk is a natural gift, an encouraging attitude to give her confidence, proper information about breast feeding techniques ensure subsequent success.

Dr. Sachin who has published studies in international journals on breastfeeding counseling can help you to achieve successful breastfeeding & clear all your doubts through proper counseling at Happy Kid’s Clinic.


Call Your Doctor If:

  1. Your baby has trouble latching on
  2. Your baby does not have a strong suck
  3. Your baby acts hungry after most feeds
  4. Your baby is not acting normal
  5. Breastfeeding is painful
  6. You think your child needs to be seen
  7. You have other questions about breastfeeding

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