Anticipatory Guidance for common childhood illness

An ideal lifestyle is the ‘mantra’ for the present generation. Medical advances alone are not enough to maintain health. Parents & guardians who receive anticipatory guidance from their pediatrician report more confidence as a caregiver, were more likely to use positive parenting strategies, & were less likely to report feeling worried about the development of their child.

We realize the importance of anticipatory guidance despite the serious time limitation they have. We, at Happy Kids Clinic,  provide anticipatory guidance to assist parents or guardians in the understanding of the expected growth & development of their children. It is age-appropriate & includes information about the benefits of healthy lifestyles & practices that promote injury & disease prevention.


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Anticipatory guidance by specialists can provide comprehensive health information concerning the child that will enable parents to anticipate the physical, emotional, and psychological milestones. In addition, it will also enable them to enhance the development potential and identify any special needs of the child.

Anticipatory guidance should include information on the vulnerability of infants to infectious disease, sudden infant death syndrome, and shaken baby syndrome. Born with unstable physical functions such as temperature control, breathing, and swallowing, the infant develops smoother functioning over time.

Anticipatory guidance, specific to the age of the patient, includes information about the benefits of healthy lifestyles and practices that promote injury and disease prevention. Common examples of anticipatory guidance include reminding parents to have their children use bicycle helmets and to use sunscreen

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